Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Buffering

Today I want to talk to all of my fellow sisters and brothers who are waiting in Christ.

Waiting on love, waiting on career, waiting for healing, or simply waiting for 8:00PM when you can finally put your feet up after the little ones are in bed.  

Wherever and whenever you find yourself waiting today, I want to look at two passages of Scripture and then reflect on what we should do with those waiting hours (days, weeks, months, years, decades).

The first passage I want to look at is 1 Peter 5:6: Humble yourselves, therefore under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

This, I believe, is a message of great hope.

This is a promise from God that this, all this, is, in fact, a journey.

That where we are today is not where we’ll be tomorrow.

That when Jesus healed the man He ordered Him to walk!

Also, it takes the pressure off of us.

HE will lift us up. HE will set us upon higher callings. HE will do all the bidding.

And then, there’s the phrase, that all of us hate: “…in due time.”


If you’ve ever been waiting on “God time” you know what that means.

Basically, it means it could be before you finish reading this sentence…or thirty years from now…or … never (at least in the sense we finite creatures inaccurately interpret “never”).

But, God does promise this to us. And so, it would be in our best interest to be prepared.


Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declared the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.

What if you don’t get yourself ready? What if you aren’t prepared?

Would that “promotion” or “lifting up” prosper you or harm you?

And would that be God’s fault?

Surely not.

I'm not going to write this and pretend like I know how "it all works," but scripture tells us that just as the King of Heaven strung the galaxies together for His eternal and infinite cause, He did so unwilling to break you, individually, over it. While His glory will come (and has come) to fruition perfectly, our ability to share in that on Earth has a lot to do with us and how we choose to allow God to pursue us

A cliché, but true, work adage goes like this: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

It’s sort of a half “self-fulfilling prophecy” half “others will respect you if you respect yourself” type of philosophy.

We should be dressing, every day, ourselves ready for the spiritual realm, should we be called higher, at any moment, to the frontline.

We should be reading our Bible intensely, having a deep and powerful prayer life, intentional about staying sober of mind and spirit, and equipping ourselves for that promise.

For that promise is the establishment of our truest self, making the truest difference, for the truest cause.

If you are feeling complacent and comfortable today.


Lives, eternal lives, depend upon it.

When Isaiah confidently, yet humbly said, “send me” and when Moses was sent, despite all of his objections of his “abilities” those were branches of the same Ultimate mission.

Both servants were used. 

Both were wildly successful for the Kingdom because of the Mighty Father who sees our truest potential through Christ calls us not according to our ability but according to His Nobility.  

However, both had the preliminary credentials of immersing themselves completely in Christ.

The only way for God to lift your life Higher is for you to cling Tighter. 

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