Thursday, August 20, 2015

Planned Parenthood 2

I have read a lot (a LOT) about the whole Planned Parenthood “situation.”

 I want to touch on a few points that I find absolute trash.

There are a million things wrong with this entire propaganda surrounding this organization, but I just want to say a few things on the topic in general.
 I’m not going to work on being eloquent, I just need to get these thoughts out of my head and heart.

 #1. “Forced Motherhood”

 There’s this whole idea that if a woman has consensual sex and it results in pregnancy and abortion were to be illegal, that the pregnancy is forced.

 This is pure baloney and trash.

I’ll probably use the word trash a lot in this blog.

 When I think of “Forced Motherhood” I’m sorry, but I think of the nine year old Yazidi girl who is shipped in a crate, stripped bare, and sold to the highest bidder to “take her virginity.” I put “take her virginity” in quotes because these girls are sold several times to several different men (or groups of men) and are forced (ACTUALLY FORCED) to have surgery to “repair their virginity” so that people can make money and be horrible, horrible humans at Satan’s right side.

 What doesn’t come to mind?

The sorority girl who had one too many Smirnoff Ices and thinks someday she “might be a doctor.”

You know, “save the world.”

 #2. “Forced Fatherhood”

 Now this is where my blood really starts to boil.

 I read an article suggesting various new ways to sway the discussion of support of Planned Parenthood and their “services.”

 This article suggested that more men needed to stand up and publicly announce how happy THEY are that they weren’t “forced into fatherhood.”

 This is baloney and trash for SEVERAL reasons.

 a) Again, the whole consensual sex thing.
 b) You have to address the fact that there are men who are, which I find MUCH more heinous, FORCED to endure the termination of their child because, you know, “individual choice.”
 c) It TOTALLY undermines the whole “fathers are important” thing. Ironically, the SAME PEOPLE who support Planned Parenthood support “families no matter what they look like.”

You know, unless it consists of a single father.

That would be awful.

 Better just kill the kid. Hypocritical. Ironic. Unjust. Insane. Incoherent.

 #3. “But they do pap smears.”

 Great .So does ObamaCare.

 This was the best point I have seen on this: “Rat poison is 99.95% good food, it’s the 0.05% that kills the rat.”

 Or the abusive boyfriend who brings you flowers. soitsallgood.

 #4. Rape I wrote a FB post on this that I’ll just repost here:

 One of the most common arguments for the pro-choice view is "but what about rape?" As one of the most heinous crimes in our (and every) country I can see the concern (sidenote: literally EVERY legislative attempt to reel in the horrors of abortion exempt women who are raped, incest, mom's life in danger, etc...but I digress...). This is also where the "war against women" argument originates in part as well. However, let's just put this into perspective for all those people who think, well, yeah abortion shouldn't be birth control, but it needs to be available "for rape victims."

 In 2012 the FBI reported 84,376 accounts of forcible rape. Let's triple that (even though reports say about 60% of rapes are accurately reported to law enforcement, I'm not so optimistic). THEN let's multiply that by 5%, the statistic that shows how many rapes potentially could result in pregnancy (based on historical averages).

 That gives us potentially 12,656 women per year seeking an abortion because of rape. In 2008, there were 1.2 MILLION ABORTIONS.

 If every woman who was raped, and fell pregnant based on this projection, got an abortion that's 0.01% (again this situation is protected by proposed legislation, bi-partisanly).

 Even projecting an 100% pregnancy rate for rape, that's only 0.07% of the total abortions.

 Right now it's legal for women to anonymously get an abortion because of rape (or any reason).

That also includes pimps bringing young women into clinics like PP and under the radar drugging and forcing them into the termination of their child (just google it).

 Who are we really protecting with the laws the way they are?
 Where is the real war on women? 
What exactly are you voting for?
Who are you speaking for? ‪

 #5. I can’t care about abortion because people are awful / foster homes exist / people can’t afford food / etc.

 This is baloney and trash as well.


Our disregard for life.

 If the kid will live in foster care, he/she is better not to be born at all.

 Should people step up and give real attention to the foster care system / hungry kids / etc? OF COURSE.

 But is the answer really…we should just kill them instead?

 #6. Science

 Insanely, I’ve seen a lot of people saying things like, “well if there wasn’t abortion, we couldn’t use fetal cells for science and we’d all die!”

You know, or something of the like.

 With that I give you the following argument.

 All of the legislation to control abortion includes abortion for rape, incest, mother’s life, etc.

 Should all of those fetuses be “donated” (Key word: DONATED. With CONSENT.) we would have enough for TRUE scientific causes.

 Put another way: it doesn’t take 1.2 MILLION fetuses a year to support “scientific achievement.”

 Not even close . Also…cord blood. Have LOTS of stem cells. And the kid gets to live.

 Think of it like Monsters’ Inc. (just stay with me) They scare kids and get energy. WHEN ALL ALONG if they make them laugh they can power a whole city.

 They are trying to get stem cells so they murder babies. WHEN ALL ALONG they can use blood cord banking which there is FAR MORE OF (especially if abortion was illegal except for extraneous circumstances). Science. Go crazyyyyy.

 But see, that’s more expensive.
There’s less PROFIT.
 Which comes FULL CIRCLE back to the MAIN ISSUE.
 SHOULD human life be profitable? To ANYONE?
 No. That’s just baloney and trash.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Two Myths About "Large Families"

By current America’s standards, I haven’t been a “large family” (over 2 children) very long.

For about 22 months to be exact with my 3.

People love to come and talk to me about my growing baby bump (mostly welcome, just a few weirdos).
When they ask, “is this your first or second?” I absolutely LOVE answering, “Fourth!”

Mostly because I don’t ever get advice afterwards.

Most often people say things like, “oh, so you know what you’re doing!”


 Today I want to talk about two common misconceptions about “large families” from my experience thus far.
I’m sure there are WAY more, but these are the two myths that I have run into most often, as of late:

1.       I am judging you for “only having one / two / none.”

One of the responses that makes me sad after I proclaim, “Fourth!” to the incessant stranger family planning questions is “oh…well…I only had two…but…they were really close in age / are really needy / never slept etc.”

It only makes sense that someone completely foreign to me interrogating me about my family size would also inappropriately feel the need to overly explain theirs.

One of the WONDERFUL (I mean it: WONDERFUL) things about being in “the trenches” (what I call having littles under 5 years old) is that your judgment bone gets a little rest.

For a few reasons.

One: it’s really hard to judge a mom about their parenting tactics/decisions/goals while one of your children is pulling down his pants to pee in the Target parking lot …while the other one is screaming that you took away his third lollipop of the day.

Two: You simply do not have the time nor the brain power. I don’t mean this is a “mommy fog” type of way. I mean this in a you-are-counting-to-three-to-count-your-children-and-ten-to-keep-from-freaking-out-while-planning-dinner-and-the-dream-disneyland-vacation-and-the-demise-of-the-barista-who-gave-your-kids-lollipops-even-though-you-said-no-while-crunching-budget-numbers.

Three: You now fully understand (because you breathe it how generalizing another human based on their family size is just pure balderdash.

2.       I am jealous of you for only having one / two / none

The only thing that makes me more sad than the above response is the response from those who then spew off on this tangent of “I wanted to have a mansion first / travel the world / save the endangered spotted toad / contribute to society / have a good career / be secure in our marriage” before I had kids.

*deep breath*


That’s great for you.

However, I do not view my children as a hindrance or a plague or a disease or an inconvenience and to insinuate them as such in my life is just plain insulting.

 I get it. You drink “grown up drinks.” You even get the drinks with the little umbrellas. And no one steals the umbrella and stabs their brother in the eye with it. And you don’t call them “grown up drinks.” On a beach. While donating to humpback whales and impressing your boss and dating a model.

Awesome (not sarcastic)!

But I’m just not jealous.

Not while I’m being tucked in on the couch by a two-year old, and laughing at bubble mohawks, and listening to the first time that the brothers ask another for a hug and it is happily returned.

I will also not stand for my “family lifestyle” to be perceived as a “less than.”

Not in my eyes. Not in His eyes. Not in my children’s eyes.

I believe that we all have the family sizes we are meant to have.

 Whether that’s 0, 1, 2, 5+ whatever.

It’s about time we stopped comparing and started enjoying the journey that He has laid out for each of us.

Whether you’re called to save humpback whales by drinking margaritas on a beach (is that a real job?) or you’re drowning in laundry and dishes today.

Let’s focus on our calling instead of another’s calling.

On being the best person WE are called to be.

My God knows me perfectly and knows exactly how many children to give me.

He knows the same thing about you!

And, guess what, I guarantee you it looks different!

Why? Because YOU’RE a different person than me!

Let’s celebrate each other’s blessings and keep in mind that if one person is blessed in a certain area, with our awesome God, there is NO LESS BLESSING to go around.

God knows how to perfectly bless each of His children.

Let’s celebrate that today.