Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Real War on Women

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve read about the controversy this week with Planned Parenthood.

You know, the one that they’re illegally selling aborted fetal body parts for money.

I don’t care to hash out a lot of what I feel about this whole thing…because bloggers much better than myself have already made that point much more eloquently than I.

I do want to add one small voice to the noise, however.

 I have read several PP supporters’ statements asserting that the pro-life campaign is primarily coming from a place of “religious war against women.”

Let’s just, for a moment, step back and see what this is really saying.

This is why vernacular and euphemisms are SO IMPORTANT in this issue.

“I’m pro-choice. I stand for woman’s rights. I believe in choice and that this is a personal liberty that should not be taken by any man or woman or government. My body. My uterus. My choice. SHOULD A WOMAN DISAGREE HOWEVER WITH MY CHOICE TO HAVE AN ABORTION, clearly she has been brainwashed by a man or woman or religion. Clearly, I have not been brainwashed by any man or woman or government. Religion is clearly the definitive factor here as inherently convoluted and brainwash-y. Ergo, the only choice to be made by a woman is one that aligns with the current media and societal standards that ordain a woman’s body is her own and should be free to be swayed by current propaganda projected by their nation and time and place.”

In other words:

Woman makes choice to be pro-choice as ordained by government / society / personal revelation= free-thinker.

Woman makes choice to be pro-life as ordained by religion / personal revelation = brainwashed.

What’s REALLY the sexist argument?

Woman can only have personal revelations that align with the pre-approved societal message?


Okay woman think for yourself, whoopsies! wrong thought, oh, princess, brainwashed. 

Seems to me, a personal revelation, based on either government or religion or WHATEVER should have equal standing in a free society.

But, again, I can’t be surprised.

Women, there is a war out there. But it’s not from Jesus and it’s not from the Christian worldview.

It’s from the thousands of voices and laws that whisper and lie to us and tell us that our decisions must be left to the government and to society and to our pleasure and will.

We are not free enough to choose to live for a Savior. To make decisions based on the Bible.

To stand for what is right.

Because, everything is right with the correct lens.

If you stand for anything you are oppressed.

Plus, being a woman doesn’t even exist anymore, remember sweetheart?

It’s a spectrum.

A state of mind.

Your sexuality is developed before you are born. Your sex is fluid. Ever changing.

You want to talk “war on women?”

Let’s talk about the fact that the only nationally and socially acclaimed and applauded person this year to assert that she is a woman was born with a penis.

The only people who can defend womanhood are now the men that claim power over their own sex.

We cannot say we are woman anymore. Womanhood in its very essence is now defined by them.

There is a war on womanhood.

Her e is what the world says about women:

Women are awesome!! GIRL POWER! We should have the right to do whatever we want! Earn as much as a man! WE ARE EQUAL. If we want to have an abortion because we want to finish college / slept with the wrong man (*oopsies*) / enjoy our sexuality SO.BE.IT. You can’t make me feel guilty over a CHOICE. It’s my RIGHT. I was born female and identify as female, but really, that can change. It’s kind of whatever best serves my moods and emotions and social rhetoric. Sweet freedom in being everything and everyone at once! Don’t box me in. Don’t label me! Be in love with my PERSON (whoever I am that day) and hey, if you fall out of love with that person, just check-out! I don’t keep anyone in my life that don’t jive with me, honey. It’s all good.

Here is what God says about women:

For her worth is far above jewels. Proverbs 31

You are worth it to make a stand.

You are worth it to draw a line in the sand.

You are worth more than any money or riches or jewels.

We belong. We have a place. We have a voice.

If our voice be crushed it will not be by the Bible or its followers.

If our voice be crushed it will be the societal redefining of what or who we are over and over and over until we are unrecognizable.

Those who dare speak up will be seen as brainwashed. As controlled. It already is that way.

When, really, dear friend. It is simply the opposite.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is; THERE is freedom. 


  1. Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Proverbs 31:31
    The war on womanhood is heavy on my heart. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Stephani GurczynskiTuesday, July 28, 2015

    You're so eloquent Kaitlin! Well said. Love reading your writing.