Monday, July 6, 2015

The Real False Majority

The message from our pastor this weekend was simple: there is always hope.

If you have God and Jesus Christ as your center; you are always in balance.

This blog could be considered a “sermon spin-off.”

In a world that seems to be more polarized politically and spiritually finding that balance can seem like a lot of work.

Entire books, both secular and Christian in nature, have been written on the topic of “finding and maintaining balance.”

The truth? The scales are weighted.

It’s not balanced.

It is finished.

And there is great hope in that.

See, God is all about the underdog, and all about who He is and doing what He is going to do, despite the scales.

Even if you’re alone, with God, you’re never alone.

The media is right. There is a "false majority." 

Everyone in the could believe a certain "fact."

It could seem perfectly sensible, and politically correct, and even freeing. 

But, if that group's ideology and battle cry does not mesh with the Gospel,

A single person standing high with their Bible is a false minority.

Again, the scales are weighted.

I recently read a blog where the author stated: “We are entering an age where only the great Christian will spiritually survive.”

I think there is a lot of truth in that.

He didn’t mean “great Christian” like “high-five we’re great!”

We no longer can afford the luxury of being on-the-fence, mild, wishy-washy and allowing the world / the country / the city to do our jobs.

We must do our jobs; starting first and foremost with ourselves and our families.

We must be intentional. Daily.

This is going to be a battle. But the battle has been won.

It kills me to think that I must add a new level of the “preparation for persecution” talk on the list of “tough topics” to discuss with my children (in several years).

I imagine it will look more than school lunch table politics.

How much more? Of that, I am not certain. But God is.

And, again, if I don’t do it, who will?

I, myself, have been re-calibrating the last few weeks.

I imagine many Christians are re-calibrating as well.

God didn’t.

The scales are weighted. 

The “real majority” is found in the books Genesis – Revelation.

The real false majority is anything NOT found in the books Genesis - Revelation. 

I urge you to dig into it.

Remember Christian, you + God and the Word of the Bible ... will always win. 

For overwhelming victory is ours through Christ Romans 8:37

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  1. Our Pastor's homily at mass was one of encouragement and hope as well and included the call to battle. Thanks for posting this to continue the theme into the work week.