Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Real War on Women

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve read about the controversy this week with Planned Parenthood.

You know, the one that they’re illegally selling aborted fetal body parts for money.

I don’t care to hash out a lot of what I feel about this whole thing…because bloggers much better than myself have already made that point much more eloquently than I.

I do want to add one small voice to the noise, however.

 I have read several PP supporters’ statements asserting that the pro-life campaign is primarily coming from a place of “religious war against women.”

Let’s just, for a moment, step back and see what this is really saying.

This is why vernacular and euphemisms are SO IMPORTANT in this issue.

“I’m pro-choice. I stand for woman’s rights. I believe in choice and that this is a personal liberty that should not be taken by any man or woman or government. My body. My uterus. My choice. SHOULD A WOMAN DISAGREE HOWEVER WITH MY CHOICE TO HAVE AN ABORTION, clearly she has been brainwashed by a man or woman or religion. Clearly, I have not been brainwashed by any man or woman or government. Religion is clearly the definitive factor here as inherently convoluted and brainwash-y. Ergo, the only choice to be made by a woman is one that aligns with the current media and societal standards that ordain a woman’s body is her own and should be free to be swayed by current propaganda projected by their nation and time and place.”

In other words:

Woman makes choice to be pro-choice as ordained by government / society / personal revelation= free-thinker.

Woman makes choice to be pro-life as ordained by religion / personal revelation = brainwashed.

What’s REALLY the sexist argument?

Woman can only have personal revelations that align with the pre-approved societal message?


Okay woman think for yourself, whoopsies! wrong thought, oh, princess, brainwashed. 

Seems to me, a personal revelation, based on either government or religion or WHATEVER should have equal standing in a free society.

But, again, I can’t be surprised.

Women, there is a war out there. But it’s not from Jesus and it’s not from the Christian worldview.

It’s from the thousands of voices and laws that whisper and lie to us and tell us that our decisions must be left to the government and to society and to our pleasure and will.

We are not free enough to choose to live for a Savior. To make decisions based on the Bible.

To stand for what is right.

Because, everything is right with the correct lens.

If you stand for anything you are oppressed.

Plus, being a woman doesn’t even exist anymore, remember sweetheart?

It’s a spectrum.

A state of mind.

Your sexuality is developed before you are born. Your sex is fluid. Ever changing.

You want to talk “war on women?”

Let’s talk about the fact that the only nationally and socially acclaimed and applauded person this year to assert that she is a woman was born with a penis.

The only people who can defend womanhood are now the men that claim power over their own sex.

We cannot say we are woman anymore. Womanhood in its very essence is now defined by them.

There is a war on womanhood.

Her e is what the world says about women:

Women are awesome!! GIRL POWER! We should have the right to do whatever we want! Earn as much as a man! WE ARE EQUAL. If we want to have an abortion because we want to finish college / slept with the wrong man (*oopsies*) / enjoy our sexuality SO.BE.IT. You can’t make me feel guilty over a CHOICE. It’s my RIGHT. I was born female and identify as female, but really, that can change. It’s kind of whatever best serves my moods and emotions and social rhetoric. Sweet freedom in being everything and everyone at once! Don’t box me in. Don’t label me! Be in love with my PERSON (whoever I am that day) and hey, if you fall out of love with that person, just check-out! I don’t keep anyone in my life that don’t jive with me, honey. It’s all good.

Here is what God says about women:

For her worth is far above jewels. Proverbs 31

You are worth it to make a stand.

You are worth it to draw a line in the sand.

You are worth more than any money or riches or jewels.

We belong. We have a place. We have a voice.

If our voice be crushed it will not be by the Bible or its followers.

If our voice be crushed it will be the societal redefining of what or who we are over and over and over until we are unrecognizable.

Those who dare speak up will be seen as brainwashed. As controlled. It already is that way.

When, really, dear friend. It is simply the opposite.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is; THERE is freedom. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Share the Gospel with Your Fetus

“Are you in there Tiny Fetus?
In nine months will you come greet us?
I will…buy you some Adidas.”

Pheobe Buffet’s (FRIENDS) famous song to her surrogate child isn’t THAT crazy.


But, not crazy.

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and did you know that my baby is already DREAMING?

Like REM cycles, people.

God, that’s so amazing.

What is she dreaming about? Pssh. No clue. But, amazing nevertheless.


People spend all kinds of money on DHA pills, and baby birthing programs, and even play classical music in headphones to calm their little one. I even saw “pregnancy enhanced bottled water.” Oh, Lord.

This blog is all about how you can share the gospel with your fetus!

Weird? Maybe.

But also, so cool. I mean, c’mon this is a TOTAL captive audience.

Never again will your kids sit SO STILL and listen to the Word of God.

Here’s three ways I share the gospel with babies as I carry them in my womb (or, three ways that I am clinically insane, depending on your world view):

1)      Prayer.
This one seems SO obvious! But, as a mother, one of our greatest missions and gifts is to pray constantly and furiously for our children.
No prayer is too small. No person is too small to pray for.
Those who struggle with infertility are no stranger to prayer from before conception.
Praying for your child as they develop is just natural.
I pray for their safe delivery into the world, for salvation, for favor, for discernment (this is something I pray over my kids constantly, I’m not sure that fetus’s can have godly discernment…but I think its super duper important…so, I pray about it), and for God to ultimately lead their steps and that the Word of God would be a light unto their path.

2)      Communion.

Everything you eat, the baby eats. That’s just science. One of my hands-down favorite things to do while pregnant is take communion. I just grin from ear to ear thinking that I am sharing a holy sacrament with a teeny tiny PERSON. So cool. Love it. You should do it.

3)      Community.

Being a mommy is really, really hard. Like, really hard. But it’s also CRAZY wonderful.

You can’t even describe it. I really could NOT do it without a Christian mommy network.

I work, so unfortunately, I am not able to fully immerse myself with these INCREDIBLE ladies and families enough…maybe we all feel that way…but

How is this sharing the gospel with your fetus? You’re laying the ground work for future Christ centered relationships outside of your immediate family.

As the world continues to get more hostile towards the Gospel and Christianity I believe it will be of critical importance to have this network.

To show your children that you are not alone.

That there are hundreds, thousands, or, at least five (or however big your network is) other families who are living this way.

Are we perfect? Far from it. But, the Bible and the Gospel of Christ is valuable.

Your family will do most of that groundwork, but it is important (as ordained by the Bible) that your children enjoy community with other Christ followers alongside your family.

Iron sharpens iron and all that.

Plus, us mommies make some AWESOME snacks. So…it’s win-win.

It is a sobering reminder that no matter what we do as “Christian mommies,” our children are born into a world that is fallen. It is clamoring to gain their attention at every crook and turn.

Our children’s salvation is a burden that is not ours to bear, for every child must face this battle on his or her own laurels. But, by reminding our children, at the very earliest possible moment, that this battle is not even theirs, that salvation is a gift only to be accepted, we are truly laying the “building blocks” for TRUE success. The eternal kind.

Folic acid and DHA are important.

Not smoking during pregnancy is important.

Those efforts will prepare your baby’s body for life in this world.

Your preparation as a mother in Christ will prepare your baby’s soul for eternal life in the Kingdom.

Will you join me also in praying for the warriors of Christ who have a child, of any age, that is without salvation, or who is running from their identity in Christ?

My children are young, and this is not a bridge I have had to cross…yet.

But I am under no grand illusion that I might not be right beside these families myself at one or several points in my career as “Mom.”

Even now, my heart aches for those mommies and daddies and their children.

My heart aches for their Heavenly Father as He waits patiently for them to open their eyes and ears and hearts.

God, bring home Your sheep. We know your voice.

Comfort those moms and dads and strengthen them, in your Holy Name. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Real False Majority

The message from our pastor this weekend was simple: there is always hope.

If you have God and Jesus Christ as your center; you are always in balance.

This blog could be considered a “sermon spin-off.”

In a world that seems to be more polarized politically and spiritually finding that balance can seem like a lot of work.

Entire books, both secular and Christian in nature, have been written on the topic of “finding and maintaining balance.”

The truth? The scales are weighted.

It’s not balanced.

It is finished.

And there is great hope in that.

See, God is all about the underdog, and all about who He is and doing what He is going to do, despite the scales.

Even if you’re alone, with God, you’re never alone.

The media is right. There is a "false majority." 

Everyone in the could believe a certain "fact."

It could seem perfectly sensible, and politically correct, and even freeing. 

But, if that group's ideology and battle cry does not mesh with the Gospel,

A single person standing high with their Bible is a false minority.

Again, the scales are weighted.

I recently read a blog where the author stated: “We are entering an age where only the great Christian will spiritually survive.”

I think there is a lot of truth in that.

He didn’t mean “great Christian” like “high-five we’re great!”

We no longer can afford the luxury of being on-the-fence, mild, wishy-washy and allowing the world / the country / the city to do our jobs.

We must do our jobs; starting first and foremost with ourselves and our families.

We must be intentional. Daily.

This is going to be a battle. But the battle has been won.

It kills me to think that I must add a new level of the “preparation for persecution” talk on the list of “tough topics” to discuss with my children (in several years).

I imagine it will look more than school lunch table politics.

How much more? Of that, I am not certain. But God is.

And, again, if I don’t do it, who will?

I, myself, have been re-calibrating the last few weeks.

I imagine many Christians are re-calibrating as well.

God didn’t.

The scales are weighted. 

The “real majority” is found in the books Genesis – Revelation.

The real false majority is anything NOT found in the books Genesis - Revelation. 

I urge you to dig into it.

Remember Christian, you + God and the Word of the Bible ... will always win. 

For overwhelming victory is ours through Christ Romans 8:37

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Five Signs that He’s the One

You’ve read this blog before. Maybe a couple hundred of them.

This is not the first one.

But, this is my list for how to know that you’ve found “the one.”

In no particular order…

Number One: You’ve Realized He’s Not the One

He’s not the one.

Because, “the one” doesn’t exist.

If I have to explain that to you, do not pass go.

Do not collect $200.

Go back.

Number Two: You’ve Found Jesus

You know that old saying “you can’t love somebody until you love yourself?”


But what if you’re loving the wrong “you?”

Ah. Fine print.

See the truest you is you + Jesus.

Ergo…to love yourself the way you deserve to be loved and cherished, you must love Jesus, the only person who feels that way and can (slowly but surely) pump that into your veins until you believe it (on your good days).

Number Three: You’ve Stopped Playing the Blame Game

Your exes aren’t exes because of their behavior solely.

You fully realize that relationships are relationships and that people will ebb and flow in their ability to express that love, because they’re human

Being in a long-term committed relationship REQUIRES (absolutely mandates) that you stop playing the blame game.

It just does.

I once met a man who told me that while he had two long-term wives in his life he wasn’t totally convinced that if their roles had been reversed (i.e. he had met the later one when he was 19 and the earlier one when he was in his 50s) that things wouldn’t have been exactly the same.

He realized that it was more about him. And where and who HE was.


Number Four: You’ve Stopped Keeping Score


I’ve done the dishes 6 times (today) and he’s done them 1 time in the last month.

Clearly he doesn’t love/respect/honor me.

No. Stop it.

Not true.

If you judge another’s ability to love you based on how well they serve YOU; well you haven’t found the one because no one will EVER live up to that standard. Especially not you (cause you’re like me and him and her…get it?).

Get over it. Compromise on Monday, Tuesday, yell Wednesday, and then get back to compromise on Thursday and Friday…without the blame game…recognize Jesus and your inherent human flaws…and lather.rinse.repeat all over again on Saturday.

Number Five: You View Relationship As Not a Way to Be Happy but As a Way to See God

This is the ultimate goal. One I struggle with daily. We all do I think if we're being honest!

Relationships, contrary to what the world/society/media etc are not, in their definitive function expressions of happiness (though happiness (or, rather, "joy")  is a common byproduct of a proper relationship centered around what it needs to be centered around). 

They are not ways to fill voids.

They are not ways to fill your day.

They are not ways to have more money in your bank account.

When you put your relationships in these categories, and they fail, which they will, it’s all too easy to walk away, because you’re defining the relationship on the wrong premise!

Your house is not built on rock, but on sinking sand. 

You don’t have a relationship with another person for you OR for that person.

You are in relationship to GIVE and not so the other person GETS from you (though, again, a favorable byproduct), but so that YOU "get" from GOD. 

The goal isn't to just keep giving and giving and getting and getting. 

The goal is to give to others to receive from God what OTHERS CANNOT GIVE. 

My pastor put it this way once: 
"What is the best way to bless another person?" 
"Let THEM bless YOU!" 


What's better: blessings from people, or blessings from the almighty God?

Again, if I am explaining that: Do not pass go; do not collect $200. Go back.

What does the Bible say about receiving blessing from God? 

"Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered."

Is this just karma? 

Hardly. This is a divine promise (because it's in the Bible). 

And, don't we experience that even when we give, it is rarely reciprocated in that "karmic fashion?"

SO, if this is TRUE (which it is because it's in the Bible) it's clearly a promise that God will be watering us, because God can promise anything based on His unwavering character.  

God blesses us to bless others. And we cannot outgive God. 

We WANT to keep blessing each other and, unblessing each other, without bringing GOD into the mix (or only when it's, like, really bad)! 


Bless your husband, God blesses you.

Husbands bless your wives, God blesses you.

Much better. 

You have relationship with people because we are called to community, in various forms, under various spiritual closeness, as described by the Bible, to grow and to work and ultimately bring you closer to God.
The REAL question is NOT whether “he is the one.”

Because, truth, you’re not ANYONE’S one. You can’t be. You’re broken.

Through Christ marriages and relationships can move mountains.

But ONLY if Christ flows freely and OFTEN through that relationship.

For the ONLY good things that come of this world start and end with the Alpha and the Omega.

There’s no secret recipe.

There’s no complicated formula.

And there’s certainly no way to tell if you’ve found “the one” without looking exclusively at your relationship with Christ. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

When You Want to Be Under the Basket

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine!


I, for one, confess that I want to totally disregard Matthew 5:15:

“No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket.”

Me! I want to be under the basket Lord! It’s really scary out here…

And it’s 115 degrees.

And I’m 8 months pregnant.

Ice cream is probably for dinner.


No one wants to hear!

It’s all a bunch of NOISE.

And, then, in the quiet still voice of the Father, “But, Kaitlin, there are people listening. They’re watching you. They’re depending on you. Their names are Braylon, Zachary, Oscar and the newest daughter I have placed in your womb.”

Oh. Right. *tears*


As the world marches mindlessly forward to destroy the family as defined by Our Creator we must be certain that we are not helping it.

To paraphrase my pastor from this weekend: “You want sanctified families and marriages? Have a sanctified marriage and family.”

It seems too small compared to the roaring fire.

God is in the small. 

God specializes in those who FEEL small and meek and like they under dogs.

That’s us.

But that is what the world wants us to feel and think.

That is all perception and lies.

The Truth? When God is with us, we are anything but quiet and hidden. 

Our GOD is a consuming fire. 

I’m not whispering the stories from the Bible to my children as they lie in our bed.

I am shouting with the aid of thousands of Heavenly Hosts the Word of God into their souls, which have eternal value in the eyes of God.

When I pray over my children it is not silent.

It is a clamoring declaration against all principalities that these children belong to HIM.

I’m not walking around with a basket over me, even though I can pretend like I am.

The Bible says I am a light, a city on a hill, which CANNOT and WILL NOT be hidden.

We are NOT the underdogs.

We need to stop acting like it.

“All we can do now is pray.”

Damn straight.