Monday, June 15, 2015

I am a Christian AND a Free Thinker

I’ve written on this topic before, but I feel the push to write on it again.

I completely and utterly reject the notion that being a Christian and being a “free thinker” are mutually exclusive on the following principles.

1)    I am a Christian
2)    I was not raised in the church
3)  I found Jesus…by THINKING FREELY

My parents’ approach to religion in the home was congruent to norms that society pushes today:
1)  Religion is “okay” "if it works" i.e. “pragmatic”
2)  Spirituality is highly individualistic and academic in nature
3) “Figure it out for yourself”/ “find what works for you.”
4)  “Well nobody KNOWS knows, you know (I didn’t)?

In conclusion, I find it inherently ILLOGICAL that the idea of “free thinking” EXCLUDES Christianity.

1)  Be exposed and open minded to various religions free of bias

2)   Conclude what works for you

a.       Choose anything but Christianity including every variety of the “spirituality cocktail” = freethinker
b.      Choose Jesus / Christianity = poor, blind, brainwashed hypocrite

Just sayin’ 

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