Monday, May 11, 2015

"You're done right..."

Well, as you (might) know, I’m expecting number 4!

We have three boys, and as the sonogram says at least, we’re expecting our first girl!

We are elated.

After my first, all the questions were, “When are you having another?!”

Then my second came.

And then, instantly, “You’re done right?”

And then after the third, “Are you going to try for a girl?”

And now that the fourth is a girl, people I think are afraid to ask! Ha!

But a lot do, “So, you got your girl, you’re done… right?”

I asked my husband the same thing the night after our sonogram.

“So…we have a girl now…does that mean we’re done?”

He casually said, “We could probably have at least one more!” 

My heart skipped (whoo hoo!) and we went back to Netflixing.

Now, look, from all my “one-and-done”ers to my Duggar wannabees, your family size is between you and God and what’s healthy for you and your family.

But here are some reasons why WE aren’t planning on quitting yet…should God see fit!!

Number One: We don’t make much money, but money doesn’t raise kids.

My husband grew up without much financial stability. Things were really great or really not great.

I had a similar experience with divorced parents.

One seemed to always have money and one seemed to never have money.

The BEST people I know didn’t have everything handed to them.

The WORST thing you can do for your kid is say “yes” all the time.

Get a job. The end.

Number Two: But…where are you going to put them?

Have you seen that FRIENDS episode where Joey wants Rachel and the baby to move in with him and she goes, “But there’s no room for a baby!”

And he goes, “The baby’s like *hand motion* this big. It can go right here *motions to the recliner*.”

I had my own room. It was great, but it was more a fortress against other situations going on in my childhood home more than a fortress of “need” or “peace.”

Hubs shared with 4 boys in high school.

Hopefully, if things aren’t too comfortable, they’ll promptly move out at 18 to university or military or missions or professions.

Number Three: Time and “ME”

But when do I have “ME” time?

Um. Never.

Friends? I love you, I think you exist, but I’m not really sure.

But here’s the thing. Children are a gift from God. You know what else is a gift from God?

Un-self-pre-occupation. It doesn’t really matter anymore.

See MY time isn’t really MY time anyways?

It’s GODS time.

And if GOD decides that I need zero Kaitlin time and more mommy time, it is in growing spiritually (while also wanting to pull my hair out) that I will say, “Yep!”


So, being clean is a good thing.

Being obsessively clean? A compulsion. One that I developed from anxiety.

As I give my cares to God, I feel less like I need to clean to be “okay.”

Kids also knock that out of you pretty quickly.

Now, I’m not talking about not mopping or sweeping, etc. BUT, if you put your “blinders on” every so often and ignore the housework and play with the kids or zone out on tv with your husband at 10PM, that’s ok!!

And now, when the house is clean and quiet…I miss my hoard!!! Please make messes and play!

Number Five: I see God. ALL. THE. TIME.

Exactly HOW do I take care of 3 under 5, work full time, manage a household, and wake up each day? God. 

By putting myself outside of what is reasonable puts me out of the boat and onto the water. 

And it's a good place to be. 

A fellow blogger wrote:  I don’t let little things like common sense, birth control, and economic disaster stop me from having babies. (Julie Cole)

Regardless, as we’re growing kids, we’re truly growing ourselves, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

When people tell you it’s all worth it. All of it.

It totally and completely is.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


  1. Your God-heart is a blessing to me, Kaitlin. Well written! Well lived! Love you, Aunt Sue

  2. I loved your explanation at the wedding! I think your "plan" is perfect. I also think you're some kind of a superhuman because I always wanted a hoard of children until I had one and now I have no idea how you do it. go, supermom go!