Sunday, May 24, 2015


I have a confession to make: I’ve been following the Duggar social media frenzy entirely too closely this week.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about a quick Google search will suffice and I’m not interested in addressing this issue at large. Some bloggers much more talented than I have addressed the issue incessantly and I don’t care to add to the noise.

Although I considered myself a Duggar fan (whether I still do is another topic for another time) before the whole “situation” this last week, my interest had little to do with their family.

The Duggar facebook pages, which were once mild and tame (at best) are now a popcorn-worthy (again, if I’m being honest) absolute blood bath. I put that lightly.

Every minute THOUSANDS of people on either side of the spectrum are hurling words and accusations and Bible verses and parts of Bible verses and “MY GOD” this and “YOUR GOD” that. It’s enough to make a girl who usually (if she’s being honest) puts Judgment day on her calendar, you know, when she’s like 90+ years old, to desperately desire it to be Tuesday.

What makes this issue so intense is that there are, only, a million different facets of it. There are such polar views and people who have been deeply wounded, again, on both sides that the carnage is just incredible.

All I hear is a world desperately crying out in anger and confusion and self-declared righteousness (again, on both sides) and the weight of the lost burdens me (again, probably another post for another time).

I hurt deeply for people on both sides.

What also is incredible to me is the absolute depth of these posts. People are discussing (vehemently) everything from molestation, incest, forgiveness, heaven and hell (BIG theme), homosexuality, “holier than thou”ity, Christianity, Jesus, predestination, abortion, the list goes on and on. People hurt by situations similar are pouring their souls out, countless stories of forgiveness and, the unspeakable.

The brokenness of our world, in its entirety, is crystal clear.

Oh, and the memes. Oh, the memes. What our society has reduced to.

I just want to touch on one meme that really stood out to me and just touch on a few points. It stuck out to me because I TOTALLY get it. I really, really do. It’s TOTALLY something I would have said in high school; proudly, educated, “self-aware,” and justified.

Here it is:

Okay, so, again TOTALLY understand where this is coming from.

It does sound a little weird.

But only if you look at it from a “works” standpoint, which if you really dig into Christianity (i.e. the Bible), is not the point, at all.

A lot of people, look at the Bible as a checklist. I.e. “do these things = God  / blessing” ; “don’t do these things = no God / no blessing.

So, with that view, what we do or don’t do somehow makes God happy, or unhappy.

I absolutely agree that is quite a weak God.

But what if, Jesus came to save us? What if, we have a Savior? 

What if we are all truly forgiven for everything past, present and future through His blood?

THIS is the Gospel.

I won’t even elaborate.

That it.

Done. As He said, “it is finished!”

THEN, does it mean we just do whatever we want? Hardly.

What if, God is who He says He is?

Like, ALL the time?

And what if, “these rules” were not for HIM (because He can fat-do-whatever-he-wants and He has) but for US?

Ways that we could, as my pastor says it, not break God’s laws, but break us AGAINST God’s laws.

End of the day: God doesn’t care what we do or don’t do. His plan is better and above all that. 

He's got it "on lock," okay people?

He isn’t getting his feelings hurt when we use His name in vain.  Sorry, Ricky.

Using His name in vain disallows us to remember how incredibly sovereign and perfect He is, and do it enough, and you’ll convince yourself to stop praying, stop trusting, stop … whatever.

Tangentially, no one is "MORE going to Hell" or "LESS going to Heaven" than anyone else.

You can certainly make your life of Earth feel like Hell. By distancing yourself from God in horrendous ways against His nature and again His true plan for you even the Saved can feel condemned through the lies of Satan's whispers.

But reality?

You either are or you aren't. 

This is just a tiny (teeny) response to a BIG issue; one that ultimately comes to the Cross.

If you are having questions that are like the ones being hurled online today, won’t you please take them to the Cross?

THAT is where they should begin and end.

Again, it is FINISHED.

And, please, if anything, PLEASE don’t construct your views of spirituality based on memes. 

I just can’t even say anything more about that.  It makes my head want to explode.

I just see a guy standing before God on Judgement Day waving His little meme sign and God's like "So...that's your stance, huh?"

And the guy's just like, "Yeah, saw it on FB."

Just don’t.

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  1. First, didn't know what a meme was, had to look it up. Yes that's how out of touch your old Auntie is. Also not on social media (except Instagram for family) so haven't been able to see the uproar. I just knew that they needed prayer so that's my contribution. I will miss them on TV for their uplifting stories and encouragement. Thanks for writing this Kaitlin. love you, Aunt Sue