Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Being an Encourager Today

I just wanted to touch, real quickly, on a complicated subject.

We should be reminded, daily, (if not HOURLY on occasion) that success and blessing from God to one, does not diminish nor discredit nor disqualify ourselves from maximum blessing.

It is no secret that humans often conceptualize God’s abilities and loyalties in comparison with their parents, often their father.

Even if we had the best father on Earth, they would still fall short of the magnitude of our Lord.

However, being human, we understand things in the world around us (create schemas) based on experience.

We’ve never experienced the full power and might and favor of our Lord, so we take what we know, parental love and project.

This in and of itself is a daily battle for many.

So, in a parent’s love, if your sister got to go eat ice cream with dad and have a daddy daughter date and have SO MUCH FUN and SO MUCH SPRINKLES, you were, left at home: fun-less and sprinkle-less.

Take this, make it bigger, and I believe is what creates much of the competition that you find in Christian circles.

If Daddy is having fun with Suzie, he isn’t having fun with me.

If Daddy is teaching Suzie, he isn’t teaching me.

If Daddy is giving $5 to Suzie, he has $5 less to give to me.

That’s just math. That’s just human effort.

But, we serve a God, where the economy is LIMITLESS and the love is INDIVIDUAL and PERFECT.

If God is having fun with Suzie, he can still have fun with you.

If God is teaching Suzie, he can still be teaching you.

If God gives $5 to Suzie, he has NO LESS money / blessing / love / understanding / favor to give to you.

That’s just God math. That’s just divine effort. 


  1. Who else has a God that comes to you on demand? Ask and He's there.

  2. Thanks for today's dose of encouragement K! Favorite line: God's love is INDIVIDUAL and PERFECT. love you, Aunt Sue