Friday, October 17, 2014

Just for Funsies FRIDAY!

So, a couple weeks ago, my gorgeous blogger friend Annie wrote a blog about the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog and how she just loves looking through it at all the extravagant photos of gifts for the 1% including $50,000 His and Hers water/snow mobiles thing.

Here is my version of this blog.

It's about a little catalog called "Landside."

You know that one?

Me neither. Not until we lived in a home that was built 40 years ago and was occupied by 80-year-olds prior to our move-in day.

But. It. Is. Fantastic.

It's the perfect, beautiful combination of SkyMall (ridiculous things no one needs) and the Dollar Tree (cheap).

But what's really SOMETIMES there's actually good deals, and now, sadly the catalog is addressed to me...or current resident.

When I went to bed last night with the catalog in hand, my husband was like, "seriously?"

After picture texting images of the catalog, and getting "LMAO" responses from him...he understood.

I'll share with you a little of it today.


This catalog has everything.

First, a plunger that is in the shape of a gun. Yeah, we're starting there. With a bang.

Next, what kitchen counter is complete during the holidays without a candle that can also serve as an ice breaker to verbally accost and harass your guests?

But this isn't just about decor.

There's gifts for all your lush mom group friends.

There's gifts for the men in your life that cannot set their beers down even for one moment to grill food.
There's this farting teddy bear. Yep. Farting teddy bear. But that's not all. It's apparently targeted not for your 11-13 year old sons, but for your 30 year old son in law...

And what better gift for Billy to get know...if his ultimate goal is to steal from her...
And for the pet lover that just wants to wrap up in their dog's face...? That exists right?
But seriously...

There are some randomly crazy AWESOME stuff...

Like SpiderMan 60-piece art sets for $4.95...perfect for my toddler!!

And these adorable Disney Glasses for 4 for $8.95!

AND LOOK AT THESE!!! WHAT?! 2 for $12!!!

Bottom line: you need this catalog.

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