Friday, September 19, 2014

Four Things Every New Mommy Needs Before Her First Baby (and no one tells you about)

I’m going to start with the one that was the biggest shock for me. The fact that NO ONE TOLD ME.

1)      Giant. Huge. Ridiculously Large. Pads.

Like, the BIGGEST ONES the store sells. And a WHOLE BOX. I find it laughable that some of these Mommy Blogs recommend buying new pjs / nursing wear to wear the first few weeks postpartum.
If there was a 2007 Hollywood dramatic blockbuster that summarizes your first few weeks it would be:

‘Nuff said. Moving on.

2)      A waterproof mattress cover: for your bed.

Whether or not you choose to co-sleep at some point, at ANY point it is inevitable that your baby can and will spew bodily fluids, of all varieties, on your bed. And this will continue until…well…my oldest is four and we’re still not out of the clear with him on this one.

So. Yeah. WELL worth the twenty bucks.

3)      A fully-loaded DVR / NetFlix Queue

There.Is.Nothing.On.At.3:00AM. And you’re super awake.

And by awake I don’t mean awake.

I mean…functioning “well enough” to prop your baby in a specific (read: uncomfortable) way that if you move (and by move I mean ever so slightly flinch) he/she will wake up screaming and you’ll have to start over.

The plus? It can be anything you want (they’re still blobs right now).

Confession: I watched the entire NipTuck series the first few months with my oldest.

But there’s just something that makes it 0.004% better to be carrying that baby down the stairs for a couple hours for the seventh time knowing that something you love and enjoy relaxing to watch is waiting for you!

Pro tip: Add a few of your husband's favorite shows that you can't stand. It works two-ways. ;) 

4)      A babysitter.

Even if (especially if) one of you is staying at home full time. Grandparents / aunts / uncles are fantastic. 

And sometimes you can find some killer friends who want to do babysitting swaps with you.

Also fantastic.

But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s fantastic to just call someone up, pay them, and leave for a couple of hours with your husband.

This is one that I never would have DREAMED of prepping for with my eldest.

It’s something we’re still working on today.

But, if you can, I strongly recommend carving out a plan B (and plan C, and plan D) so that you and Daddy can get some kid free marriage time once in a while. Make. This. A. Priority. 

Especially with your first.

Pro tip: Volunteer babysitters drop like flies after kid #1 and then it's just cricket chirps after kid #2.
Use. Them. Now.

There’s nothing like bringing another kid into this world.

But, it’s also important to also keep the integrity of your union. For your kids and for you.

I’m sure that other people disagree with this. Fine. But these were tips that helped me out personally and I hope they help you too!

Which one of these tips were you already keen on?

What works for you?

Anything to add? 

*Disclosure: Hats off to my favorite babysitters Rachel (my mom), Rebecca (my mother in law), and MaryKay (my friend), for always being there when it's ever possible!!! <3 

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  1. I learned a lot from this one Kaitlin! Wish we lived close so I could babysit. Your three don't make me nervous at all! Love you, Aunt Sue