Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Parenting Hacks Numero Uno

I have been asked a lot about advise (see one of my previous blogs) and, true to nature, I usually over think it and it ends up in a “just be yourself” / “trust in God” / “don’t take anyone’s … stuff” type of talk.

However, there IS something to be said for community and sharing tips that might help fellow mommies (and daddies) “in the trenches” out!

I’ve compiled this small list (only TWO today), and, as I think of more handy dandy tips (much like a handy dandy notebook) I shall pass them on as well for those who are interested!


Kids don’t like to play with toys. 

They like to play with NEW toys for 5 minutes only over and over.


If you’re Jay Z / Rockefeller: have your “toy specialist” (I’m sure someone has one) constantly buy new toys and give the old ones to the Goodwill / charity of your choice.

If you’re NOT Jay Z / Rockefeller: we have to get a little creative here.

I’ve found a couple different ways to make this happen for both my boys and my sanity:

                #1: Old toys; New place

                                Take the dollhouse from the bedroom and put it outside under the tree in the backyard

                                Set up the train set in the garage

                                Take all of your pots out from that giant cabinet under the stove and fill it with cars

                                Dry out the bathtub and set up the train set in there (trains are very important around here…but you get the idea)

                                Sometimes (quite literally) just moving the same toys into a new environment will provide some new opportunities to enjoy them for your kids.

They will FEEL like new to them (at least for 5 minutes).

                #2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

                                Take some of the toys that your children just throw on the ground in process of finding other toys and hide them from your children. 

                                For, like, months.

                                And then, when the timing is just right, BAM “NEW” puzzle!

                #3. The Holiday Stash

                              This one takes a little panache.

You don’t want to offend family members who offer your children gifts (because, well, they’re GIFTS) BUT I always JUMP on the sentence, “He can open it later if he wants.”

 GREAT. By later I’m hoping you mean five weeks from now when I have to take all three of them to the doctor’s office and only one of them is getting their shots.  

Or, I’ve also done this with the gifts that I’ve personally purchased for my children’s event. Sometimes I buy my little something for their birthday to find that they’ve been graciously SHOWERED with gifts in all their birthday glory. So, I’ll set mine aside (they don’t even notice) until the opportunity is a little more convenient for mommy.

 Like that inevitable meltdown JUST as the water starts boiling for the macaroni and cheese.


There inevitably comes a time in parenthood where going without basic hygienic necessities becomes more appealing (at least to yourself) then schlepping the kids to the store for just that one item. 

And when you DO get to the store, it’s to buy milk, and you then FORGET said hygienically necessary item.


Buying toothpaste? Buy three. My mom used to do this when the big sales were going on. I do it not only to save money (when I get lucky) but also to remain gainfully employed which requires I have items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Also, this is the ONLY time I warrant / suggest Googling ANYTHING mommy-related on the internet.

Usually it will leave you just frightened or sad or guilty or a weird special Mommy Emotional Cocktail that calls for healthy doses of all three.

But, there are times, like this week (I’m out of shampoo. Have been for a while), where you can learn things like a little bit of baking soda and olive oil will do the trick in a pinch!

Hope you enjoyed these tips!
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  1. I'm enjoying your parenting comments Kaitlin! I read today that Parenting is a Verb. And I think it is a talent that requires practice to get great. God bless your babies momma. Love you!