Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fatherhood: Chasing Sons

Happy Father’s Day: Chasing Sons

(See what I did there? His name is CHASE. )

Today I thought I would take a moment and share one of my life’s highlights: my husband as a father.

My husband, Jeffery “Chase” Evans, and I knew immediately that we wanted a large family.
If you’ve met either myself, or my husband, you know that we aren't exactly shy or quiet.

The last thing we wanted in our home was silence.  

Having many older friends, who have had their struggles with fertility, we decided to try and have a family as soon as we were married, assuming it would be several months (maybe even a year?) before we actually got pregnant.

Note: Yes, I was naive. I was 22 years old! Who let me get married at 22?! 

The Lord blessed us with a Hecho en Mexico / honeymoon baby.

The first moment that Chase knew he was a father we were sitting in church and worship was about to start. I figured if I told him, “Hey husband of four weeks…guess what…” in a public setting where the Lord would surely throw lightning at him (or is that Thor?) if he were to be anything but delighted, that would be a good plan.

So, cue the beginning guitar notes at our beloved church, and… 

“Hey babe…I have something to tell you.”

“Is it....?” he asked looking at me.

I just nodded. 

He knew.

He sat through the rest of the sermon utterly and ghostly silent.

The calm before the storm that would be our happy, laughing, feeling, crazy, LOUD family.

Of course he was excited and we held hands on the way home wondering when to tell family.

On July 2nd 2010 we brought our first child into the world. A boy. Chase cried. I cried.

And our world was never silent again.

On April 27th 2012 we met our second child. A boy.

On October 2nd 2013 we met our third child. A boy.

The man that my husband has become in the last four years is nothing short of an incredible, caring, compassionate, strong, fearless, leader: a father.

If you ask me why my husband is the best father for our children I would tell you…

            It’s because he asks to take our oldest to his swim lessons where the kid is barely not drowning and dad is shooting photos on his friend’s borrowed super fancy camera to savor the moment as if it were the Olympics.

            It’s because he gets up in the middle of the night (every other time in our house!) and rocks the babies back to sleep and gets them milk.

            It’s because he stays home with them while I go to work, and when I offered to find somewhere in the budget for some summer daycare for them (because their normal pre-school is off summers) he declined. He said that he’d rather have them at home and that he could just do stuff with them.

            It’s because he makes me a better mother by making sure that I am not drowning in mommy-ness and recognizes when I need to go have a margarita with a friend and even though he’s watched them ALL day, watches them an extra two hours. And texts me that I am not allowed back before ten.

            It's because if anything were ever REMOTELY dangerous about to happen to any of my children I have ZERO doubts in his ability to kick some bad guy butt. And, in a slightly violent way, that is a very peaceful feeling as a mommy!! 

                     *I wish I had a really cool picture of you with the punching bag here LOL*

If you ask my son (the one that can talk) why my husband is the best father for our children he would tell you…

            (as he did this morning when I asked)

            “It’s because he makes me hot chocolate after I play in the rain!”

            “Because he’s the best dad I have!”

So, Happy Father’s Day, Chase. Always know that I love you SO MUCH.
 I cannot believe I get to live parenthood with someone as dope as you.

*High Five* *Team Evans!*

Wanna try for a girl? Haha -- JUST KIDDING.

Kind of.

"My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, "You're tearing up the grass!""We're not raising grass, " Dad would reply, "We're raising sons!"Harmon KillebrewBaseball Hall of Fame-r

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  1. And I'm grateful to God that he gave those 3 to you and Chase. Happy Father's Day to Chase. Love you!