Monday, July 29, 2013

1 Timothy 5:1

                I was recently introduced to an organization out of San Francisco called “About-Face.” It’s an internet/blogging based organization that fights the up-hill battle of damaging media images of women in our society. It’s an incredible effort and so, so important, especially for our young women.
                The message that the media promotes a FALSE self-image of women is becoming increasingly common (YAY!) in everything from grass-roots organizations like About-Face, public reactions to overwhelmingly skinny & over make-up-ed Barbie-dolls, and YouTube videos like that one by Dove that slowly shows the digital reconstruction of our models  before they are revealed to us to sell us things.
                These messages absolutely MUST be given to the female public at large.
However, I believe we are missing a BIG piece of the puzzle (catastrophe).
                Where is the message to the young MEN in these young women’s lives?
                All too often the conversation (of all ages and classes and education levels) falls somewhere between a grunting cave-man and a “boys will be boys,” high-fiving frat brothers blood oath.
                I find the conversation STILL falls on encouraging young women to refrain from feeling like they need to achieve a certain level of beauty or a certain weight, and staying away from “undesirable” and “tempting” situations.
                We tell our girls that if a guy treats you a certain way, they aren’t boyfriend material.
                Who is telling our boys that treating women in a certain way makes you un-human material?
Who is telling our future husbands to seek first (and foremost) inner beauty in a prom-date, and that godly-ness is even more attractive?
Who is telling our sons that their sexual history and choices will affect them IN THE SAME WAY that it affects our daughters? That these actions have consequences, and they (often the less of which) are not just the ones a condom can protect you from.
The sexuality of our young people lands not only on the shoulders of our daughters.
It must begin with our sons.
I, for one, am tired of the cowardly cop-out that “boys will be boys.”
I am tired of society saying that my sons can live on my couch and eat potato chips and not be employed….at 24.
Not in my house. Son, you are a man. Now, act like one.
And, being a man means treating a woman like a lady.
Being a son of God means treating each woman like the incredible treasure and carefully knitted creation that she is.
And that you are.
And if this still doesn't convince you to treat women kindly, you can wait until your father hears about this. Consider this your gentleman’s warning.

1 Timothy 5:1 “…treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters.”

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  1. Kaitlin, I'm thanking God everyday that you and hubby have been given stewardship over your three men. He knows what he's doing. Praying for your whole family every day... I am Aunt Sue