Monday, March 12, 2012

You're Already Amazing (*review*)

I had the wonderful opportunity, thanks to (in)courage, to review the talented Holley Gerth’s new book, You’re Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be.

I must say first that this is an extraordinary book that which all women, in all stages of their walk with Lord, would benefit from reading.

Not only was the book helpful in guiding me step-by-step in starting to pin-point my place here on this crazy Earth, but it was written as if I was just sitting down and having coffee with the author (instead of being lectured at).

I was happy to read this book, as I enjoy much of Holley Gerth’s  work, but I was even happier that it was Kaitlin-proof (i.e. workbook-write-all-over-it-style).

I think what sets this book separate from other “self-help” books that you may have read is that it doesn’t call itself a “self-help book."

In other words, most “self-help” books advocate philosophies (albeit standing on shifting sand) that encourage you to become like another person, or at least emulate and engulf another’s characteristics into your daily life.

This book encourages you to find your VERY OWN path that GOD has set before you, and gives you simple tools how to find it yourself.

The below excerpt in particular really encouraged me personally, and I hope it encourages you.

I hope it also encourages book stores everywhere to have a "God-help book" section.

Wouldn't that be sweet?

I tell you right now, I'd read "God-help" to "self-help" books 10:1 to, because I'm pretty sure I'm pretty terrible at helping myself.

It sounds silly, but God really truly only made one YOU for a purpose.

You cannot “win” your race by following another’s path.

You are made to do something entirely unique and what you can always call your very, very own.

We are running “the race marked out for us” (Heb 12:1). That means we’re only concerned about the obstacles in our lane. If someone feels she needs to do something, then let her do it—it’s probably in her lane. But that doesn’t mean it’s in yours.
This isn’t about self-improvement. It’s about aligning our lives with love in the way God created us to do. Every runner has a rhythm that works best for her. You’re the same way. When we set out to make changes, we need to be sure we’re moving to be more of who God made us—not more like someone else.

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