Monday, February 6, 2012

Live Simply, So That Others May Simply Live

As Christians, we are called to live financially simple lives.

We are called to provide for our families.

And, we are called to provide for a world in need, to be the hands and feet of Jesus (or, in some cases, his wallet).

My husband and I were doing some “church hopping” back in November of last year.

We had a home church that we had been attending for the last four years on a regular basis, but felt that we had a strong enough foundation to branch out and see what else the Lord was doing in our town.

Note: We ended up back at our home church, although we are still going to try our young adult service :)

During this time, attending a new church each week, we weren’t regularly giving to God and I started to feel that tug on my heart and that missing piece of my worship start to well up inside of me.

I felt a strong call to give…but…to what (or whom)?

While listening to the national radio station, K-Love, I heard about the organization Compassion and the incredible good they were doing in the name of Jesus throughout the world.

I looked at the website and I was hooked.

When faced with the tough question of why Compassion focuses on individual child development rather than broader community development, Compassion responds:

We've discovered that changed circumstances rarely change people's lives, while changed people inevitably change their circumstances.

...Our primary focus is individual child development—an inside-out, bottom-up approach that recognizes the God-given value and potential of each individual child. Many of these children grow up to become positive influences in their own communities.


I prayed about it and spoke to my husband (okay, rather, I begged for forgiveness after the fact) and chose to sponsor a child from Togo.

His name is Atsu. He’s five years old and has a mother and a father and a twin brother.

His father is a taxi moped driver (when he has work) and his mother sews (when she can find work). 

Their monthly income is around $33.00.

Atsu loves marbles and singing and soccer and school.

For $38.00 a month, I get the amazing opportunity to not only provide education/school tuition, health care, food, and regular Christian training (opportunities to hear about Jesus) to Atsu; but I also get to say to his parents, who are unable to provide this for their own sons, “I got this. I care. This burden is not yours.”

It’s an amazing blessing to help in that way not only the child, but knowing that I am giving peace of mind to hardworking parents.  

The most awesome thing I get to do (& as OFTEN as I like) is send stickers and flash cards and letters to Atsu to encourage him during his time in the Compassion program.

(and I LOVE to send letters)

And, I get letters back! J

I got my first letter last week and I am so, so excited to be apart of this little guy's life.

I discovered his favorite food is rice and that he loves the story of Jesus and that he wants to be a doctor, AND he drew me pictures!

He asked that I pray that he stays healthy (there is a huge malaria outbreak right now, and he is very young, which causes him to be at high-risk).

It is important, that regardless of our church affiliation that we literally “put our money where our mouth is.”

Be generous.


I want my son to look at how my husband and I spend our money and use that as a fundamental building block for how he spends his money.

I believe that giving and being generous are extremely important; especially financially, if able.

If you want to learn how you can sponsor a child in need, go to J

Or, talk to me about some of the details. I haven't been in the program very long...only a few months...but happy to share what I know thus far! (& of course, I'll be blogging along the way!)

Not to end on a completely cheesy's like that bumper sticker says:

Live simply, so that others may simply live.

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  1. I love your heart for this ministry! My passion for CI was quick to grow and within months of sponsoring, I was applying to be an advocate.

    What a blessing these last few years have been! I am always excited to see another person find the joy of sponsorship and spread the word!