Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colossian 1:10

This morning, as I was pulling into the gas station, I saw a nervous young teenager staring at the gasoline pump as if it were an alien space ship.

The young girl looked at the pump, and back at her car, with an expression of utter helplessness.

Remembering what it was like to be fifteen and “knowing everything” (at least when it’s your parents asking) I asked if she needed some help.

She agreed appreciatively and I showed her how to make a payment, select the gasoline that she needed, and fill up her car.

She thanked me and exited the gas station by screeching her car to a halt many, many feet away from the stop light. Finishing with rapid gas-to-break-to-gas movements she wobbled her way out onto
Shasta View Drive

I laughed and shook my head.

How vividly I remember that feeling; wanting to do everything right; but just starting out!


I thought back to the times that I had driven my step-mothers explorer for miles with the radio blasting and the e-brake fully engaged.

I thought about the close calls in the battlefield that was the high school parking lot.

I thought about the nerves I would push way, way down into my stomach while I merged onto the freeway with whooshing cars all around me (remember that movie Clueless?).

Then, I my mind wandered to a different time in my life:

The day I got saved by accepting our Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

It was, in many ways, similar to the day I first received my driver’s license.

There I was, with all the responsibilities and privileges of holding that card in my hands; I just didn’t know how to properly use it.  

As a new & wobbly Christian, I can definitely remember days where I was driving around with my e-brake on.

And forgetting my turn-signals; or just plain causing an absolute wreck.

Just I have gotten better (my husband might disagree) at driving, I know I will also grow in the Lord and become better at following God’s plan for me and therefore becoming the person that He says I am.

It is important to remember that our relationship with Jesus is just that: it is a process and it takes practice and diligence and work (like most things on this Earth).

I hope this message encourages new Christians to keep moving forward and gaining trust and skill in your relationship with Christ.

But, I also hope that it encourages Christians to give themselves grace.

Many of us will be jetting out in front of traffic unexpectedly, and we might even cause a few crashes along the way.

Luckily, through Christ, Christians have full insurance coverage, covering any and all hazards and potential dangers at no cost.

And, isn’t that Good News?

Take that Geico.

 Colossians 1:10“That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

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