Monday, January 16, 2012

Prove It!

My husband and I exchange several “I love yous” each day.

It’s one way that we remind each other that we care about one another.

Most of the time, when I say to my husband, “I love you,” he responds with “I love you too.”

But, occasionally, when he’s feeling a little sarcastic and maybe even a little cheeky, I’ll say “I love you,” and he’ll respond, “Prove it!”

I’ll then laugh and give him a hug, or point to dinner on the table, or shake my prenatal vitamins at him.

I thought of those silly exchanges today when I heard a commercial on my local Christian radio station.

The commercial’s tagline read something like: Jesus loves each and every one of His children. Let’s prove it.

How inspiring!

The idea that Jesus can use something as simple and broken as ME to “prove” HIS love to another person is exceptionally incredible and awesome.

And what’s so incredible about “proving” love from one person to the next, is that it can be remarkably simple.

What might be simple to you; just might be moving mountains in another’s life.

It is one of our responsibilities as the hands and feet of Jesus is to prove to others that not only Jesus cares, but the world cares, YOU care.

We are not meant to be alone to wearily wander through this life.

And, often, we all need reminders.

One simple way to remind others that you care is by sending a greeting card to someone that God has placed on your heart in that moment.

There’s just something about putting a pen to paper and telling someone, “I care,” and praying deeply for the card’s recipient.

It’s an art that I pray does not get completely washed away with texts and emails and facebook communication.

There’s just something special about holding a card in your hands, that amongst all the bill collectors and catalogs of gorgeous items you cannot afford, speaks above all the clamor and says, “You matter. Really matter. To God. To the World. To ME.”

I had the wonderful opportunity to receive Daysprings’ (Holly Gerth’s) Hope & Encouragement premium card pack.

I was able to send out several cards, that I hope and pray will touch the lives of those that receive them.

You can have the same opportunity to touch other’s lives by visiting

They have card packs for all occasions (check out the clearance too—I got 15 premium Valentine’s Day cards for $9.99!!).

Plus, what’s really cool? They all have scripture woven into them!

Send not only your love, but let Jesus use (perfectly broken and utterly amazing)you to help PROVE His incredible love for his children.

*this review and opinions herein are my own*
*products provided by Dayspring*

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