Friday, January 6, 2012

My New Year's Goal : Patience

One of my facebook friends (and real-life friends) posted a really great new way to look at New Years Resolutions.

Instead of contracting a myriad of lists (mostly unobtainable), she decided to focus on one word that would symbolize what she was personally striving for in attitude and to represent the character of the year to come.

Her word for 2012 was “growth.” She wanted to grow in her walk with God, in her health, and in her mind.

I thought this was such an inspired idea, and it’s had me thinking quite a bit lately about how I wanted to build upon my character and how I wanted to live in 2012.

New Years Resolutions, I believe, are a good way to focus on how to shape your life to be closer to God and more open to receiving His gifts.

After much deliberation, I came upon the word: Patience.

I want to be quiet and I want to be patient and I want to not “want.”

I want to speak less, and listen more. I want to move less, and be still more.

I want to wait upon God to do big things in my life instead of tirelessly treading my own water.

I want to be content with the way things are, and not as “they should be.”

I want to find peace and joy in the daily blessings that are overflowing in my day of being a toddler’s mommy, a wife to Chase, at a job I love, and a friend to many.

I want to write to change not the world, but to change myself.

I want to focus on the obtainable, and really internalize that focusing on the small, does NOT distract from the impossible and the incredible.

For my scale of what is important and life changing and mountain moving is not reality.

Reality is God placing the small obstacles in my life, which are extremely important work to Him, and excelling in them.

I will not search for God's work, but rather let God's work search me.

And so as “my word” for 2012 becomes a thousand other words, I simply wish myself many a patient calm in the God given year to come.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.
Our God, You reign forever.
Our Hope, Our strong Deliverer.

What is “your word” for 2012?

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