Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five Minute "Friday" : Tender

It's Friday (somewhere) and I am celebrating by joining The Gypsy Mama with her weekly five-minute post.

The purpose of this is to write unedited and unscripted for five mintues of blogging fun!

This weeks' word: Tender

Being tender is an art.

It is one thing to show gentleness and compassion for another in a time of need; but it is another entirely to show tenderness. Being tender involves not only approaching a situation with ease, but with sympathy and almost caution.

A tender wound should be approached with the utmost care.

How many times have we embraced another's pain for our own comfort instead of approaching with the tenderness of truely encompassing another's anguish?

Can we ever truely sympathize with another? How hard do we really try?

Jesus promises that through His eyes we can stand by one another most strongly. Through Him, He who knows all pain and all suffering, we are able to most closely connect those otherwise shallow transactions of human companionship.

Only by allowing ourselves to open up to Him can we truely open up to each other.


  1. tenderness through encompassing another's anguish... such truth here!

  2. To have that tenderness, would certainly be to be more like Jesus. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing your description of tender, I think we need to be reminded...

  4. So true: through Him. Only through Him, and His tender love, really. Good abd beautiful thoughts here.

  5. what hope!