Thursday, September 8, 2011

But, isn't Heaven Going to be Boring?

Confession time. Sometimes heaven doesn’t sound that great to me.

Sometimes, I think about all the Biblical interpretations of heaven and selfishly internalize it (I’m sure with Satan’s help) as the doll drums complete with endless classic church hymns, endless rosaries, and fluffy white cloud sitting.


Like, seriously, FOREVER. And ever. (ugh)

Heaven is our rightful place as Christians where all we do is worship the Lord.

Or is it?

I do not think the message is all we do is worship the Lord.

I think the message is rather; IN all we do worship the Lord.

In other words, maybe, just maybe, here on Earth we cannot scrapbook or snowboard or play football or get a pedicure AND simultaneously perfectly worship God.

But maybe, in heaven we can! Maybe heaven is a lot more like Earth than we think, just without The World.

No inner competitive spirit to make your scrapbook “better” than others.

No newest and latest snowboard to lust after each season.

No bad sportsmanship or dishonest team players.

No over-sexualized exterior beauty standards to live up to.

Maybe we fill our “heavenly day” with those activities in their purist of forms, with God in hand, in fellowship with other Christians, in shouts of praise for The Father.

In worship. Forever.

Like, seriously, FOREVER. And ever. Amen!

I read an extremely inspiring post about a wife and mother who tries to do just that.

Even when she is doing her laundry for her children.

As she folds each piece of clothing she says a small prayer about the person who will wear that piece of clothing.

Isn't that incredibly freeing to see forms of worship in not just the obvious, but the conspicuous as well?

Of course, I believe there is also a Lord’s Eternal Gospel Choir of Classic Hymns & plenty of fluffy white clouds for eternity’s best fluffy white cloud sitting.

I, for one, will be scrapbooking human kind.

I know it will take a while, but, I've got time.

What are some of your favorite daily activities here on Earth?

What parts of those activities are godly and which parts are worldly?