Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Standing-Up God

One of my favorite worship songs is “How He Loves” by David Crowder.

Amazing song.

However, the opening line always left me perplexed.

The song begins with the words:

He is jealous from me


Why on Earth would God be “jealous?” And what does that even mean?

Isn’t being “jealous” a bad thing?

Confused, I turned to someone with much more Biblical foundation than I, my pastor Bill Giovanetti.

Being the technological and social savvy guy he is, I posted my puzzlement on his facebook page.

He answered, appropriately, with a Bible quote:

"For you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. (Exodus 34:14, NKJV). It refers to God's intense desire that you respond to Him, and His righteous anger when you'd rather turn your attention to other gods (money, comfort, power, sex, etc).


For some reason I KNEW (like you KNOW the Pythagorean theorem, but you don’t really care) that God wanted me to know Him and wanted me to love Him first and above all Gods. I mean, it’s the first commandment. It’s like RIGHT THERE, BAM.

What I didn’t think about was that God would actually be JEALOUS of my time spent “idolizing” television, money, etc.

I thought he would be disappointed, sure.

But, He’s a God with LOTS of things to do.

I didn’t think He could possibly care THAT much about me watching a few TLC episodes instead of opening my Bible.

He has bigger fish to fry than that – surely!

However, that is what you get when you receive a relationship with the Creator of the Universe: a relationship!

God isn’t just there to turn to when you need someone to turn to.

He is ALWAYS there, and when you don’t show up for coffee, he gets bummed out! Jealous, even.

So, the next time that you stand-up God, realize that you have a relationship with someone that is NOT indifferent about that date.

When it comes to you He can't just "take you or leave you." He SEEKS you.

He deeply cares about the time He spends with you.

And jealous of the things that you do instead.

Do you have a date with God today? Show up!

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