Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Moments: Sister Act (1992)

Remember that early 1990’s movie Sister Act?

How could you not?
A casino lounge singer turned traditional Roman Catholic nun due to the Witness Protection Program whom ultimately brings passion to the church through her worldly and “hip” songs.

Instant awesome-ness.

The best part about Sister Act was the scene where Whoopie Goldberg’s character, Sister Mary Clarence, brings down the house with an awesome rendition of “Hail, Holy Queen.”

I get chills just reliving the moment in my dad’s old t-shirt and socks when I first witnessed it (I was, like, 7 when it came out). My dad and I used to watch that song on repeat (I think he just liked the excuse to turn up the volume really loud on his back-then cutting edge surround sound).

Sister Mary Clarence continues to teach the convent’s gospel singers twists on modern songs such as changing Mary Wells’ “My Guy” to “My God.”

It’s pure 90’s-tastic (a good thing).

Well, being a born music-lover, and a later Jesus-lover, over the years I have listened to songs I’ve listened to a million times, but in my head changed the lyrics to become songs of worship and prayer.

Although my husband argues that Kanye West’s “Amazing” would be better sung by Jesus, the following is my personal favorite that I have “Sister Act-erized.”

Martina McBride – My Baby Loves Me

turned …

Martina McBride – My God Loves Me

Don’t need no issue of Vogue magazine

Don’t need to dress like no beauty queen

High heels or sneakers; He don’t give a darn (‘cause God doesn’t cuss)

My God loves me just the way that I am

My God loves me just the way that I am

He never tells me I’m not good enough

Just gives me unconditional love

He loves me tender and He loves me mad

He loves me silly and He loves me sad

He thinks I’m pretty, He thinks I’m smart

He likes my nerve and He loves my heart

He’s always sayin’ He’s my biggest fan

My God loves me just the way that I am

What song can you “Sister Act-erize?”

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