Sunday, August 28, 2011

The F-Word According to Kaitlin

Maybe it’s because I am a writer-at-heart.

Or, maybe it’s because my mother was a journalism major.

Maybe it was collegiate and high school debate career.

Whatever it was, words mean something to me.

Like, really mean something to me.

It drives me (inwardly) insane when people don’t mean what they say (or say what they mean).

So, call me crazy, but there are words that actually drive me mad.

With some words, simply their mere existence infuriates me.

Above all words in the entire English language there is one word that literally makes my skin crawl: freethinker.


That word is the worst! It aggravates me on so many philosophical levels all at once.

I completely reject the idea that you are either religious/spiritual OR a freethinker; that the two characteristics are mutually exclusive.

This rhetoric completely reiterates and demonstrates society’s current heinous and criminal mental and theoretical understanding of spirituality.

Bluntly, people are categorized in terms of mental capability/capacity as either…

1) religious/spiritual OR
2) smart/worldly/open-minded/intelligent

I think this train of thought is completely destructive, especially to young minds.

It was the first day of my Philosophy of Religion class at my state university.

I was a junior.

The teacher stood up smugly and asked a simple question followed by a call to action: “Who of you is a Christian? Please stand.”

A few stood; some more proudly than others.

I remained seated; not sure of where this was going.

The teacher continued, “Those of you standing have obviously closed minds and are much more vulnerable and accepting to religious dogma. It will be very hard for any of you to earn much higher than a standard “C’ in my class as your thought processes have been trained to be merely average.”


I maintain that being a Christian and being a “free thinker” is NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

This is, unfortunately, a stance that our society takes as a whole, especially the academic world.

It is ONE STANCE amongst many others.

Allowing yourself to be open to the seemingly, by scientific standards, impossible world by believing in God, is another way to define yourself as a free thinker.

Also, no one TOLD me to or DEMANDED that I believe in God.

I was not coerced by any form of authority other than the authority placed by Jesus Christ upon my heart.

Through my own internal struggle and longing I came to know the incredible Creator of our beautiful world.

I am intelligent. I have come to know Jesus through “free thinking.”

I reject the idea that I am inferior intellectually, less worldly, less classy, close-minded, judgmental, egotistic, narcissistic, or any of the other horrible things that the word “freethinker” insinuates about Christians and Christianity.

Hi, I’m Kaitlin. I am both a Christian and super-duper smart. Deal with it.

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