Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When to Lead & When to Follow

As often the case with my job, I met the coolest elderly guy today.

Bound to a wheelchair for now he was a former (and current) ballroom dancing enthusiast and expert.

Through our chitchat / assessment he told me that, in dancing, as long as the message of leadership is conveyed well enough to the man (the leader) the dance goes smoothly.

If the dance is not lead correctly, it will not work.

True dance, in his mind, is not choreography, but a spontaneous and passionate lead and follow. Give and take.

It is one of the few activities that it is actually beneficial to have not two equal partners, but truly one leader and one follower.

The conversation had me thinking about when in life you should lead, and when in life you should follow.

It had me thinking about my inner dance of leading and following; the constant push and pull of the world on my heart and on my head.

I think the answer is simple. Lead yourself. Follow God.

Lead Yourself.

You do not want to be a follower to your emotions (of which many times are nothing but lies). You want to be a leader of your emotions. You want to intentionally and actively make the decisions that you make each moment of each day. You want to lead your consciousness away from what is hurtful and towards what is good.

Deliberately. Calculatedly. Decisively.

Do not be led by television, inner dialogues of distress and temptation, hurtful comments made by others, insensitive remarks, lustful comparisons, jealousy and moments of anger, revenge and pride.

Follow God.

This is where the self meets the ultimate dance instructor.

By bending in with each twirl and step, and truly allowing yourself to follow, you can rest assure that your dance will be harmoniously in tune and step with the music that you cannot hear.

By allowing the dance to unravel around you and within you, instead of stiffening to your own two left-feet, your dance will melodiously become a dance of Truth.

So today, instead of marching alone, allow God to pick you up and twirl you.

(Yes, even if you're a dude. Cause it's actually pretty fun. And it's just metaphorical, so it's not that lame.)

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