Monday, July 11, 2011

Lessons from Family: Aunt Sue

This is a continued edition of the things I have learned from my incredible family that God has given me. I have been so blessed with so many different kinds of role models.

The following are a couple of lessons I have learned from my mom’s eldest sister, my Aunt Sue.

Aunt Sue’s whole being is the definition of the nicest person ever.

Her joy comes purely from the grace that Jesus has shown her, and it SHOWS.

As long as I’ve known her at least, her little light has shined.

#1 Be Someone’s #1 Fan

My Aunt Sue is without a doubt my biggest fan here on Earth.

Every time I talk to her, have ever talked to her, she is simply my cheerleader.

It’s incredible.

I remember lots of conversations with her that I feel like I am not special or even a very good person. She never saw me as anything less than the light I am.

Spending time with her makes me happy, and makes me want to be someone’s #1 fan. Someone who is always supportive. Someone who is always caring and just thinks the world of that person.

Everyone needs a #1 fan.

Who can you be a #1 fan of today and offer blind and nonjudgmental encouragement?

#2 Joy of Worship

My Aunt was driving me one summer to visit my cousin at his college. I had put in a mix CD that I had burned for the trip. One song came on and she made the remark that she enjoyed it! I asked her if she had ever heard of Josh Turner, to which she replied that she mostly listened to worship music in the car and that’s really where she listened to the majority of her music.

My fifteen-year-old brain was astounded. “JUST worship music?!??!” I thought.

My aunt continued to explain, “I figure, if I’m going to sing I might as well be singing to the Lord.”

That has always stuck with me, and I only have started to understand how incredible that concept is.

It applies to SO many things!

If I’m going to be singing, I might as well be singing to the Lord.

If I’m going to be working, I might as well be working for the Lord.

If I’m going to be washing dishes, I might as well be washing dishes for the Lord.

That was one of the first examples of VOLUNTARY, NON OBLIGATORY worship I had seen displayed personally.

She wasn’t trying to prove anything. She wasn’t trying to get God to bless her.

She just genuinely found more joy in worshiping God than listening to country music.

Period. Simple as that!

What are you already doing today that you can do for the Lord?

I love you Aunt Sue!!! Thanks for being my perpetual biggest fan! 

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