Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I've Learned Since I've Become a Mother

Seventeen Things I’ve Learned Since I’ve Become a Mother

1) Four Two-Hour blocks of sleep does NOT equal Eight hours of sleep
2) It’s all about the epidural
3) How much I use not-kid-friendly language
4) How amazing it is to watch a husband become a “daddy”
5) How being a good mom includes making time for mom to be herself
6) How much more you lean on your family becomes when you wouldn’t trust anyone else with your child
7) How amazing it is to watch moms become “grandma” and “nana”
8) Little babies take up BIG space in your bed
9) Sometimes you HAVE to let them cry
10) Sometimes you HAVE to hold them for three hours without moving except for back and forth
11) I’ve learned far too much about the human digestive system
12) How unfathomably and insanely lucky I am to have a partner to go with me through this crazy parenthood thing
13) How I could not do this on my own
14) How I would do this on my own if I had to
15) How much my parents were pretty much "winging" the whole process of raising my sister and I
16) How much my parents love me
17) How much God loves me

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