Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Life Without Butterflies

Mourning the Butterflies.

I’ve decided that romanticism is stupid. It’s just not fair.

We experience several levels of romantic bliss throughout our lives and the notion that it is, by scientific fact, short-lived is just annoying.

We as women, crave this romantic energy more than our male counterparts, for sure. Otherwise, I think we’d be getting a lot more picnics in the park and a lot more roses.

What I don’t understand is, WHY, evolutionarily, Biblically, whatever, WHY create something so awesome, just to take it away from us?

Most scientists and psychologists agree that romantic love is truly temporary. Some go as far as to actually put time limits on the human body’s capacity to feel a certain way prolonged over time (statistically). In other words, most studies show, that you reach a point and you’re done. Maxed out.

Others, the unarguably most pessimistic of the bunch (philosophers call them existentialists), say that romantic love doesn’t even exist, but is merely a formulated experience of your nervous system and neurons reacting to evolutionarily derived lust.

Then, there’s “first love” romantic love. The kind felt by only a young lady or man. That is almost inherently impossible to replicate as you will never be in that pure state of mind again.

The idea I most appreciate is the idea of romanticism vs. connection. In experiences where the romantic side of a relationship has ended, there is undoubtedly to survive, “a connection.”

This “connection” is supposed to be a step higher than romantic love in a way. It’s supposed to be ultimate connection and understanding and forgiveness.

That’s fine and dandy…and when ultimately achieved, SUPER amazing.

The kind of love that God feels for us as his children and the kind of love we feel for our dearest loved ones like parents and children.

However, what about the butterflies?

Are those just evolutionary temporary feelings to merely procreate and continue the species?

That’s stupid.

I’ll figure this out in the long run.

Maybe someday I will reach that point of unconditional love and I’ll know why the heck everyone is saying it is the superior emotion and connection.

But right now I am totally mourning the butterflies.

Being super honest right now, the idea, to me is super depressing.

For what is a life without butterflies?

“Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”
- Carrie Bradshaw/ Sarah Jessica Parker

IMAGE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8078381@N03/3430652074/

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  1. that's like one of my all time fav quotes!!! love it :)