Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Changing of the Tides

A Life Free to Change as the Tides

Why is it that in some of our deepest struggles come our deepest wisdom?

It’s unfortunate that we live such a busy life that it takes the forfeit of our comfortable reality, oftentimes only to be dropped into a reality of pain, for true growth and enlightenment to occur.

I hate using the word enlightenment.

Whenever I think of “enlightenment” I think of that guy who sat meditating for like two years on a hill somewhere and finally reached “nirvana.” Who was that again? Confucius?

“Enlightenment” in that sense of the word is an achievable overwhelming wave of “life truth” that takes hold on your body, mind, and self-perceived reality.

I’m not sure I quite think that is possible in the human experience; at least without the help of several hallucinogens and psychedelics.

I do believe in deep and life altering frames of mind.

These mini-enlightenments forever change the way a person looks at their life.

A couple questions.

Can you have a TRUE altered frame of mind, without a change of action?

In other words, if your point of view, or ideas about a certain life event or process change so drastically as to mirror something close to an enlightenment, shouldn’t the way you live your life reflect that?

I would argue; not always.

In theory, we as humans would be free to change the way we live our life based on the ideas and lessons that we learn and revolutionize within our self.

However, we, at least on Earth, answer to a higher power: society.

Consider the daughter who, upon her father’s death, receives a revelation that she was no longer living to earn her father’s approval. She starts to realize all the decisions she has made her whole life that have stemmed from this mindset. She further realizes that, if her mindset had been different, and she had been working to impress herself only, she would have lived differently.

But then she perpetuates her life, still in the mindset of the daughter aching for acceptance.


What good is learning if you do not change? What good is growth without action?

Why learn better ways, if we are to merely be flung back into society’s perceptions of our purpose here?

Some could say that society’s dictations of our limits are an insult to the human mind.

Society, in general, sees risk and change as incalculable. Incalculable events, society says, are bad.

Ergo, pursuing any great life change or alteration, is bad.

So basically, we are learning all this revolutionary information about ourselves, about our passions, about our purpose, and yet we are destined to dwell in the calculable. The predictable. The forseen. The inevitable.

What freedom would come from a life allowed to move and change as often as the ocean’s tides and as beautiful as a fleeting butterfly.

Yet we stay. Yet we perpetuate. Yet we detriment.

If people wouldn’t hold so steadfast to one notion of the world and one perception of the world; how free our experience here!

If pride and shame and guilt held no weight on us; what would our life TRULY look like?

Would it look like the blind following of societal rules and restraints?

Or would it look like the fullest embrace of what is set before us?

Someone told me recently that, sometimes, we put God in a box. That we limit His love to us to what society perceives as acceptable. When, in reality, that’s man’s love.

Man says you are worth what you bring to society. Man says you are worthy of love in certain parameters.

Isn’t the whole point of a TRULY all-loving God to relinquish completely man’s hold on our hearts?

I have a lot to learn about God. I have a lot to learn about life. I have a lot to learn about myself.

I can only hope that with every shed of people’s perception of my soul and being, it will bring me closer to the true path that is laid before me for my life.

Only in the shedding of the limits set before myself can I achieve my whole and true self.

Becoming she who wishes to impress and challenge herself, instead of feeding off the acceptance of others, is who I both desire and deserve to be.

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